Lovely little fillers

It’s January start of the ‘new year, new you’ campaign but it’s a month that can leave us all sluggish and forlorn, not to mention cash poor. However on the bright side hopefully a lot of us have all the new skin care treats given to us as gifts that we can’t wait to try and achieve that new year glow.

In my stocking we’re lots of little things for me to try out and I could wait to talk about these little beauties. Proto-col skincare. A British brand specialising in collagen skincare amongst other natural beauty and nutrition products. I had a hand full of bits to try out and I was so excited.

From the miracle balm, to the collagen face mask and cleansing milk and toner I found these products to be really gentle on my skin which I really love about them.

The miracle balm has been perfect for the post party season drag on my skin. A collagen healing balm it intensely nourishes skin to repair it, and can even be used to treat burns or stings. I found it fabulous for dry cracked skin, and with the plus of containing collagen. It comes in a handy purse size, or slightly larger pot.

The collagen face mask is a dream for very tired, dry skin that needs a luxurious boost. It has multi uses of either a face mask or a moisturiser and I found after using it my skin felt soft and bright. As well as it’s hydrating qualities of course the anti ageing of the collagen put life back into the skin – much needed after the December punishments.

For what they are the products are really inexpensive and can be bought from the website, just search for Proto-col skincare. I hope you all have a fabulous 2019 let’s make this the year of beautiful skin.

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