Review Nanogen Hair Thickening Spray

A couple of weeks ago I was off on my holibobs – #sorrynotsorry – so of course all the summer essentials took pride of place in the suitcase along with the shoes.

I had a few new bits I couldn’t wait to try in the summer sun, and this little number came out on top for me.

Mentioned before in a previous post, I knew I liked this product and I couldn’t wait to use it more, but I  grew to love it more and more as the week went on.

This light spray is used as a heat protector but is also a preventative to sun damage. The Nanogen Hair Thickening spray is designed to keep the hair strong during this damaging season with Keratin, a vital ingredient for healthy hair. The Keratin gives the hair an instant thickening effect while green tea ingredients protects the hair from further damage.

Nanogen is a company specialising in hair thinking and hair growth products, working with many customers who experience hair loss or hair thinning and provide a discreet service. Serious about healthy hair and making people feel good!

This was a perfect addition to my suitcase, not only for the benefits of sun protection but to protect hair from damage against the constant ritual of hair styling, it left my hair looking soft and shiny and it smells amazing.

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