Fresh Summer Makeup

I’ve been loving coral this summer season and judging by the many lips i’ve seen during the wedding season, i’m not the only one.

But before we move on to shades we need a good base. My favourite summer foundation of the moment is Collection, Illuminating Touch Foundation. This is medium coverage but is build able and as the name suggests gives skin a lovely subtle glow. But this dewy effect fortunately does not develop into any undesired shine in the heat.


If I have a super long day however or want an extra bit of coverage for a really flawless finish, I always reach for Revolution, Luxury Banana Powder to lock in my look.

A subtle flush is the perfect companion to this luminous base. Benefit, Galifornia is a soft pastel, perfect for summer days and nights. You can achieve this nice fresh look in teeny convenient packaging too like mine, so it can easily be thrown in your handbag and dug out again later for top ups.


And of course the best partner for a coral blush is a coral lip! I’ve had this gorgeous Chanel number, Rouge Allure Gloss in 13 for ages and the heatwave has been the perfect time to enjoy it. Being such a statement shade it doesn’t take much for it to complete this fresh makeup set and once it is on it lasts a good amount of time too. And as you might expect with Chanel, the packaging and quality do not disappoint.










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