Healtharena Dermacoll Review

This is probably a first for me, anti-ageing in a drink! The world over we have been looking for the elixir of youth, have Healtharena got the answers?

Who is Healtharena? Over 15 years this manufacture have worked on specific food supplements to target certain health benefits. Produced in the UK Dermacoll has been produced as an anti-ageing skin supplement.

A high strength collagen drink that can be mixed with water or added to juice. It’s hard to completely judge this product by noticing the anti-ageing benefits alone, as for me that’s an ongoing process which includes every lotion and potion I can lay my hands on!

However let’s look at the benefits of this product. Well you can drink it! Easy to consume anywhere anytime with a non offensive fresh taste, you don’t have to take tablets or replace with any food. This has been designed to enhance any healthy diet and skin care range. It’s perfect to add to make sure you are getting that extra boost and the fact it is for anti-ageing I absolutely love. Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea powder are just some of the ingredients to encourage healthy glowing and youthful skin.

This product is perfect to fit into my routine and I’m loving how my skin is looking and feeling.

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