Head and Shoulders Supreme, all its cracked up to be?

New Head and Shoulders, all its cracked up to be?

Probably like a lot of us out there I have seen many times Head and Shoulder advertising the Supreme range of the shampoo and conditioner. Personally I had never thought to use a Head and Shoulders product before because very luckily I never felt the need to, and a suppose the pure fact the brand has always been known for treating dandruff. So when I saw these ads with the shocking outcome that Head and Shoulders can make your hair look incredible, of course I had to try.

I went for the Supreme Repair shampoo and conditioner. Specially created for damaged hair with argon oil plus the benefits of anti-dandruff ingredients.

Smells great, doesn’t look abnormal to anything I’ve used before. I admit I was surprised how much I liked using this haircare. As a colour treated blonde it is hard to find products that can treat and nourish my hair to get it beautifully soft, but Head and Shoulders did a pretty good job of it.

Noticeably easier to brush through when wet, no frizz and breakages were minimal. I recommend and in fact I am looking to explore more of the Supreme range by trying the Smooth collection – wanting that Claudia Winkleman mirror shine! Until then I am very happy with my healthy-looking soft locks.

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