Current Skincare Favourites

Anyone else suffer from so many products, only one face dilemmas?! I am definitely guilty of falling into an inconsistent skincare routine sometimes because I like so many products and have to squeeze them in somewhere!


Some of my current favourites are a part of my every day essential routine. Moisturiser of course is always key, for the day time I am currently loving Nuxe – Creme Fraiche, 48 Hour Moisturising Cream. This smells lovely, feels rich but isn’t greasy and gets on well with my sensitive eyes and skin. It feels like a nice full moisturiser but once on it’s still absorbed quickly with no undesired residue or over the top shine. I love this under makeup in the morning, skin looks much healthier and has more of glow with this as a base.


I’ve recently discovered this rich cleansing oil to remove makeup: Pure Potions, Omega Rich Cleansing Oil. At first I wasn’t too sure if this was too much for me – but as long as you are committed to a good rinse off with a warm cloth its fab! Especially if you find that cleansing washes dry out your skin. I like to double cleanse so round one with this followed by a second cleanse with a more foamy facial wash. Removes all makeup like a dream and keeps some moisture locked in.



Regular exfoliation is another essential part of regular skincare for optimum skin health. There’s a few I like to dabble with! My most recent finding being the Age Smart, Demalogica, Multivitamin Thermafoliant.  This really does quite literally polish up your skin. The resurfacing granules really revitalise and brighten up for a noticeable difference from first use. I’m really enjoying indulging in this quick clean treatment a few times a week. It’s also so quick, clean and easy, you leave on for just a couple of minutes but even if you just go for a quick scrub it makes all the difference.


If you prefer more of a face mask experience exfoliant my other favourite indulgences for a glow are Lucia Magnani, Retexturizing Radiance Face Mask which has the most gorgeous intense scent. Great for your skin but you have the added benefit of feeling like you’ve had a spa mud mask at home.


Alpha H has its #alphaholic following for a reason. Another awesome resurfacing treatment to freshen up your complexion is Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask with Lavendar. This is a perfect weekly treatment for slogging off dead cells and renewing the skin.

That’s to name but a few of my latest discoveries and some golden oldies for good measure that I can’t be without.


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