The Pure Collection

Recently, I have been testing some serums from the PÜRE Collection. This relatively new brand – which launched in 2017 works with world-leading experts to craft all-natural, organic products from the purest oils.If you only buy organic beauty, you will love this range. All of The PÜRE Collection products are hand made in small batches. The oils come directly from nature and are not altered in any way. The PÜRE Collection is one of the world’s few beauty brands to have fully certified organic products.I’ve tried two of the three serums from the range, I started with The Prickly Pear Serum, a multifunctional cold pressed serum, great for all types of skin. Promising to moisturize, soften and brighten under eye circles. As well as restore elasticity and neutralize free radicals which cause signs of aging. RRP 10ML/ £26.00

I then moved on to try the Organic Intense Serum, formulated as a preventative serum to provide intense nutrition to your skin, to give it a brighter, tighter and better looking appearance. Both delivered the goods they described – so really you would just need to be clear on your skins needs when purchasing.For me the Prickly Pear is a the perfect moisturizer for night time and has the double benefit of also treating dark circles. This is more of a luxury serum range (RRP 10ML/£34) but you are getting the benefit of two products in one. Plus it’s one less application to worry about during your night time routine. This was really nice and mild and only a little is required at a time.5BF100CB-E440-4DCB-BC35-728FDFE73464I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really did see a difference between the two serums. While the Prickly Pear was a little lighter and a lovely moisturizer the Intense Serum brought down redness and made my complexion more even. You can feel the difference in the texture with this second product being that little more rich. With this serum you can still enjoy all the moisture but personally, I mostly enjoyed the benefits to my complexion and the bright and fresh result on my skin from the Intense product.While the latter doesn’t sink in so easily it is worth the short term shine! You can really see how organic the products are through the unprocessed appearance and natural scent. Either of these are the perfect treat for organic skincare lovers.

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