Lay it on thick – my glamourous look

This is a very exciting time for anyone who is interested or loves make up, like clothing there is so much range out there and the potential to create so many looks.

I’ve been investing in a few pieces that are becoming my staple products if I’m wanting to up the glamour and create a flawless look – for me that means full and precise.

What I consider a major investment most recently was Estée Lauder Double Wear. We all know and love the classic especially myself who has come late to the party – however have you tried Double Wear Maximum Cover?! This is not for the light hearted as this is described as camouflage makeup and can even cover tattoos! It’s great if you need very full coverage. I use this not particularly because I have bad skin but if I want to dress up for an evening I want a flawless look that will last. It took some getting used to but I now love it – special occasions only for me but comes good for that all out fabulous look.

The brows. I have mentioned brows a fair bit on this site, I feel when my brows are on point they make the look. I saw so much about Wunderbrow Wunder2 I just had to buy it. It’s truly a great product, the fact it does not wear off and is water proof is perfect for nights out, holidays by the pool. If you love a full immaculate brow then this is worth the purchase and I love this addition to my glamour look.

Now the next product I have a confession, I am currently testing Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer highlighter, the reason I have not forked out for this yet, well it’s £45!! Having said that I think I’m going to go for it! There are so many highlighters now and although I think the price is very extravagant I’m in love and now don’t like to go ‘out out’ without it! My suggestion…..go get a tester but be warned it’s addictive!

I am back into the false lashes again at the moment I went through a period of not using them but now when I’m going all out my look is not complete without them. So my current favourites are Flure de Force by Eylure they are 3/4 length so just gives the ends of the lashes a fabulous lift without being too heavy.

Finish the look with the usual smokey eye, contouring and a blush matte lip and that is my current look for a night on the town.

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