Fab five sun worshipers

It’s impossible not to be talking about summer, so although we have been indulging so much in the summer talk, I’m not going to stop any time soon, especially when I have new and much loved products to talk about. So continuing the theme, I have my fab five sun worshipers – basically products made for sun lazing.

The Fox Tan

Now I must confess I very much appreciate the importance of taking care of skin in the sun for health reasons and to prevent ending up looking like a leather handbag – however I cannot resist a sun kissed glow. I tried this the other day and no lies it’s amazing. Just one afternoon in the sun had me looking golden brown thanks to this rapid elixir. Designed to accelerate the tanning process by boosting menalin in the skin – meaning less time in the sun and it can be used in conjunction with sunscreen so you remain protected. It’s cruelty free, vegan and actually works, what more do you need!

Eucerin Sun Gel Cream

I featured this in a post a couple of weeks ago, but that does not mean it cannot feature in my fab five as I am absolutely loving it! The oil control is a God send for my naturally oily skin and because I place a lot of importance on the skin on my face the SPF 50 is a must.

Nanogen Haïr Thickening Spray

We are so concerned about protecting our skin in the sun we tend to forget about the damage it does to our hair. This spray is light weight and absorbs quickly, designed to thicken hair with keratin and with an added bonus of sun damage protection. It also protects against colour fade which can also be a result of too much sun. The perfect addition to my beach bag.

Lypsyl Sun Protection Balm

Lips can suffer in the sun and there is nothing worse than having sore burnt lips, it can ruin your holiday. Lypsyl now have a balm specifically to protect the lips in sun exposure with an SPF 50, with the added bonus of vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe lips and keep them looking kissable all summer long.

Osmo Thermal Defence

As well as protection in the sun what about after, getting ready for those nights out and after a day in the heat, your hair has to endure heated styling utensils and hairdryers. For extra protection and boost this light mist coats the hair to guard it from damage from the styling. Helping to create a smooth shiny finish…also with UVA protection while we are watching those sunsets.

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