Review Absolute Collagen

Absolute Collagen is an anti-ageing liquid collagen supplement that fights against the visible signs of ageing. Many scientists advocate that the best way to increase our collagen levels is to do it from the inside.  Absolute Collagen’s formula provides you with a highly concentrated dose of premium Peptan® f2000 hydrolyzed marine collagen in nice convenient and compact sachets. You take one 10ml a day the serving contains 8000mg (8 grams) of hydrolysed marine collagen the formula is also infused with vitamin C, which works with the marine collagen for optimum skin rejuvenation and tissue renewal.


The effect of the loss of collagen on our skin is often very noticeable, and this is why collagen is a popular ingredient in many products. I had high hopes  as the website boasts some impressive testimonials and and a strong following. The product promises to be a way to plump out those wrinkles and smooth out the skin, by increasing the level of collagen in your body. It’s a crowded place if you are looking for a collagen supplement, Absolute Collagen promotes its unique formula contains the most collagen in the smallest dose, at the lowest possible price. And the fact it contains the same high grade hydrolysed marine collagen found in all the leading brands worldwide.

Like any supplement, I would expect to wait a while to see results. I have been taking this for a couple of months as it sounded worth the investment according to the rave reviews and a good base for healthy skin. With this in mind you will need to purchase at least a month or two supply to see if it works for you. A month’s supply is £53.98 with free delivery – you can then enjoy the convenience of your top up supply being posted to you every 28 days which is a handy way to ensure you don’t forgot to re-purchase. But it is also a bit of an investment – however if you see results this is a good price.


For me this is a bit of a luxury but I have signed up for a subscription and I would say, I have noticed as the brand promotes, that my skin is looking a bit smoother with an increased glow. I found this from about four weeks of use. I also think my lips look a bit plumper?! But that is not something I noticed to be an advertised benefit anywhere. I like the idea of helping skin from the inside so I’ll be continuing use in the near future and hopefully continuing to grow the glow.

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