Holiday and Heatwave Essentials!

The incredible forecast is set to continue and so therefore does the pressure on our summer wardrobe and beauty routine! If you are anything like us you’ll have all but exhausted your outfits for 30 degree heat in the UK and have been frantically fake tanning to try and do those few options justice. Having said that it does make Pimms O’clock acceptable all hours of the day, any day of the week, so hey, it’s certainly not all bad!

There are a few essentials we’ve been reaching for whilst enjoying holiday weather at home.

If like myself and the rest of London you are enjoying your lunchtimes in the park you need to make sure you’ve got some sun protection lotion to throw on and to wear neatly under makeup. This is a big ask, so many of  you I am sure will be familiar with the unpleasant shine and smell and the fact that makeup can look really rubbish and greasy with  sun cream underneath. This is why I am absolutely loving Eucerin, Oil Control,  Dry Touch Sun Gel Cream. It doesn’t disrupt makeup at all and has SPF 50 so really protects the skin against sun damage. Its so lightweight and is absorbed very quickly. Perfect to carry in your handbag and top up on the go without fear of grease on your clothes or face!

If you prefer a primer the Invisible Mineral Shield is another solid choice for protection. This not only offers a SPF of 30 but its 100% natural and invisible under makeup. If you have dry skin or prefer a more glowy finish this may be a better choice for you and it does leave a little more moisture on the skin than Eucerin.


I can’t bear getting my casper legs out without a helping of self tan mousse beforehand. But continuous tanning can really dry out the skin. I’ve been indulging in the new Nivea Body Mousse that not only eliminates the issue of annoying moisturiser build up under your nails when you have to scoop it out of a container but also smells great and dries fast. All round less mess when I am having to moisturise more than usual and often in the morning rush.


And of course we are all showering more, which leads me to my other new summer Nivea favourite the Love Sunshine Shower Gel. It smells like a gorgeous mix of honey and holidays! The perfect companion when you are rinsing off a day of heat or about to enter it.




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