Review Aqua Citra Perfume

Heatwave is on and we are both loving and hating it – but mainly loving! We are getting our summer outfits out, putting the lotions on, and spritzing beautiful scents all over us to help cover that sun kissed aroma.

You can reach for the usuals and the everyday but how boring. What if you could standout from the crowd with a classic interesting fragrance to turn heads in the summer heat.

Aqua Manda is bringing back the 60’s/70’s vibes with its elegant fragrances to be enjoyed over the summer. If you like your Chanel No5 and Dior Poison you will love the intensely floral scent of Aqua Citra.

Aqua Manda was a range of perfumes first launched way back in 1947 with the original Aqua Manda perfume which were discontinued in 1975. Now its back to take on a new age, including this Aqua Citra.

During summer, on holidays where the weather is hot normal lighter fragrances can get lost and wilt in such conditions. A deep aroma will last on the skin and clothes with warming tones to compliment the season.

It’s worth searching for something difference, the norm can be so boring. Making the classics popular again with the 70’s inspired packaging, I’m all over the flower power, groovy baby!


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