Fab Five Bourjois Rouge Edition

When you find a product you love I’m sure you can agree with me you find it hard to move onto anything else. So this is why i am dedicating my fab five this week to Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip colours!

Why dedicate a whole post? Well the colours, texture and wear of this product is fabulous. These liquid lipsticks are soft, matte and last all day. Unlike a lot of other long lasting lip products this does not crack or become bitty. It is so comfortable to wear you forget you have it on. The colours are beautifully intense I just love it!s so much so I bought so many colours I have a fab five!

My number one and absolute favourite is ‘Don’t pink of it’. Perfect day or night it’s my favourite shade of pink, subtle mature and really makes my lips look plump and standout.

Close behind in rating and shade is ‘So Hap’pink’ this is slightly brighter more intense pink, for when I’m feeling a little edgier!

More daring with ‘Frambourjoise’ I love that this is a love mix of pink and red so I can still wear in the day but want to make an impact.

Now we are getting hotter with ‘Hot pepper’. Sometimes I find red a little too harsh for me however when I’m in the mood this lipstick wears so well, I feel like a bombshell wearing this fab colour.

Last but certainly not least is ‘Hey nude’ lipstick. Everyone needs a good nude colour, cool but sexy and great for summer.

I would recommend starting your own collection you will love them!

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