Review Philip Kingsley Coconut Breeze Elasticizer

This hair treatment screams summer holidays! And its gorgeous coconut scent transports you to sunny climates. So it’s the perfect season for Philip Kingsley’s, Coconut Breeze Elasticizer. Not only is the Elasticizer a huge cult favourite but its multi award wins further add to its status.

This treatment lives up to the hype. It’s suitable for all hair types, deeply conditioning and adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. For bleach lovers like myself, Elasticizer is a great addition to your bathroom cabinet.


The product promises to deliver a rush of moisture into hair cuticles and to leave it intensely nourished, healthy and shiny, without being weighed down. The pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, infused with the rich exotic scent of Coconut Breeze captures the vibrant scent of sunshine and pure white sands with warm notes of coconut, jasmine and almond.


The only drawback with this product is it needs to be left in pre-shampooed hair for at least 20 minuets. I have found best results if you wet your hair and leave it in overnight. Alternatively I soak the length of my hair when it’s tied up and apply the product and then go about some chores for a while before I shower. For this reason this is a treatment to enjoy at leisure and not ideal for a rushed morning routine. But it is a more luxurious buy at £34 so enjoying on a weekly basis during an indulgent pampering over the weekend, will mean you get more out of your purchase.


Regular treatments help with hair health and it really doesn’t weigh down the hair. This has a lovely rich texture, you really feel the quality that you pay for. And the packaging makes it great for the gram! This is my favourite luxury hair treatment choice and one I always reach for when I have time to give my hair some serious love and it always reaps the benefits.

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