Summer Skin Essentials

The second May bank holiday is near and the weather is looking divine once again – rare for this lovey island of ours. With all this time to get our skin beautifully sunkissed I have some of my essentials to keep it in tip top condition.

Before any tanning session be that of the sun variety or bottle, I feel the best results develop when my skin is buffed and smooth. Very gently using my exfoliating gloves I brush my skin all over to remove any dead skin or old tan to leave it smooth and fresh, as you probably know for best results, do this in the shower as no one wants to exfoliate dry!

After showering, this Isle of Paradise tan prep is the best to use pre tanning, it’s a fast dying water which hydrates and brightens skin for an even clean tan. Smells beautiful and helps your tan last 3 days plus, that’s extra time to enjoy those summer outfits! Plus it’s Vegan and cruelty free!

As well as soaking up the rays, I like to use a self tan that just enhances the developing bronze. Bondi Sands has fast become my favourite tanning brand, this gradual tanning foam is a perfect addition to sunkissed skin. An everyday tan which builds over time, it’s clear and light and has a glorious coco butter scent which hydrates the skin with Aloe Vera.

Skin golden and glowing after a day in the sun will crave even more moisture, there can never be too much, especially to keep the skin healthy and your tan long lasting. Aveeno body yogurt smells divine and is a deeply nourishing moisturiser that lasts all day long.

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