Dr.organic Rose Otto Ultimate Collection unboxing

Sometimes the best skincare tips come from word of mouth, learning how others keep their skin looking great and adding it to our routines.

A kind friend gave me the Dr.organic Rose Otto Ultimate collection box and I have fallen in love. Recently my whole day and night routine revolve solely around these products.

What does it entail and why so good? Well from scrubs to serums this gift box had everything to cover my skin needs. This is an anti ageing treatment set made cruelty free and with an environmentally friendly conscience.

The face scrub has buffed my skin to leave it feeling super soft even days after using, clean and even less oily than usual – as I typically have quite an oily complexion.

The face mask, luxuriously creamy. If you’re looking for an extra moisture boost this thick masks coats the skin to give it extra hydration.

Eye serum. Once buffed and polished this over night serum goes under the eyes to reguvinate and reduce dark circles, luckily nothing I suffer to badly from but a friend of mine swears by it and for me prevention is better than cure!

Face serum is next and I seriously believe this serum has made a huge difference to my skins condition and I have noticed I’m not as conscious about the developing lines on my forehead as I was……coincidence?!

Night and day cream. Both are quite thick creams but absorbe beautifully and whilst I was moving more towards gel moisturisers to combat oiliness however these may have convinced me otherwise.

The perfect gift set for a loved one……or the perfect indulgent treat!

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