Fab Five Face Serums

If there is one product out there that I think is seriously underestimated it’s the face serum. We all have our cleansers and moisturisers but what about that extra boost we need to help repair, brighten, tighten and fix. Serums are like taking a multi-vitamin for your skin, giving it extra nourishment to work with your moisturiser to take care of specific issues or areas. Here’s my fab five.

Dr.Organic, Rose Otto Restoring Oil

This beautiful smelling serum is designed to be a ‘healthy-ageing’ super serum which locks in the skin moisture. The ingredient tone the skin whilst leaving it soft to the touch. Dr.organic products are cruelty free a fab added bonus.


Superdrug B, Confident Night Serum

This serum is specifically designed for younger skin in the 20’s /early 30’s so helps better protect against early signs of ageing. It is sold to be like beauty sleep for the skin. The serum isn’t too oily so you wake up feeling refreshed. Also cruelty free, suitable for vegans and a super price!


Vichy Aqualia, Thermal Serum

Slightly more luxury choice, intensive moisture treats very dehydrated skin which in turn helps to smooth out lines and is also great for sensitive skin. If you suffer often from very dry skin this is a perfect addition to your moisturising routine.

Superdrug, Vitamin C Invigorating Skin Booster

A refreshing citrus scent that wakes up the skin, helping to detoxify and infuse it with vitamin c, ideal for anti-ageing and brightening tired looking skin.


Dr.Organic, Rose Otto Eye Serum

Another Dr.organic product in my fab five, this one specifically for under the eyes. Again a glorious floral scent is used to prevent ageing under the eyes boosting collagen, combating puffiness, dark circles and stimulates cell regurgitation. I personally am in love with this product especially after a heavy weekend!

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