Review INFINatura Cura Oil

Face oils are all the rage and since I have tried a few, I can see why. I just LOVE this product, it’s one of my favourite discoveries since we started this blog. I have always had it in my head that I don’t like oily products because they are greasy but this has really changed my mind. It’s not greasy at all and it feels great, I really notice the difference on my skin.

NFINatura Cura Oil launched in 2014 with the aim of providing a hydrating and reparative natural product made with quality ingredients that could be used on the skin, hair and nails.


It became apparent that Cura Oil had anti wrinkle properties and a healing effect on skin conditions such as Psosriasis, Dermatitis and Acne, as a result in early 2016 Clinical trials were carried out at the prestigious University Clinic of Navarra in Madrid affirming these benefits.

The hydrating qualities of INFINatura Cura Oil make it perfect for use on wrinkles and stretch marks to help smooth the skin. In the clinical trial 90% of patients with wrinkles considered the treatment as good to excellent with a noticeable reduction in fine lines.

While 78% of psoriasis patients showed improvement and 67% of acne patients noticed improvement in their skin. It’s also all natural – free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and petroleum based ingredients.


I have found this really gentle on the skin and if you want a more glowing and radiant complexion it’s great under foundation as a day time moisturiser, I prefer using it as a night treatment. It really does nourish the skin and I have found, evens out the complexion. If you apply this to the ends of dry hair and wash out the next morning this acts as a great repairing treatment. It leaves hair so super soft as well as improving the look and feel of condition.

This is a really versatile product with many uses and benefits which means good value for money too. It is priced at RRP £34.99 for 100ml which is a good price for a hair treatment as well as face oil. You also only ever need to use three drops max, so it will last a long time so get you get a great return on your investment. I really recommend this product to natural product and face oil lovers. But make sure you use it for your hair too!


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