Review Olverum Bath Oil

It’s such a joy to find time in our very busy schedules to fully relax and unwind, I revel in  running a hot bath putting a face and hair mask on and completely submerging in water to find my inner peace.

What if there was a way to make this experience more relaxing and better yet, beneficial to our skin!

Olverum produce a bath oil that has been raved about for its many benefits. Stressed? Rundown? Over working at the gym? Dry skin? This delicious addition to your bath has got you covered.

So what makes this so good? Its all about the ingredients, mainly essential oils and plant extracts. The refreshing herby scent is calming and perfect for a before bed routine to help drift off to a very good sleep.

The oil contains soothing moisturizing ingredients to leave skin feeling soft all over, perfect if you suffer from dry skin or moisturising isn’t usually part of your daily routine. This bath oil takes care of your skin without you even realising.

What I personally loved and felt this bath oil was great for was after a week at the gym, my muscles are tight and fatigued, Olverum Bath Oil is a heavenly muscle relaxant. I found it ideal to use to loosen up and prevent tight muscles the next day, if I had a particular gruelling session. It has become an essential part of my fitness regime and the fact that it has so many other benefits is a great bonus.

The beautiful elegant packaging exudes high quality, either in a 3 x 15 ml Travel Set, or 125ml and 250 ml bottles make a fine display in the bathroom…….and I have heard Olverum is enjoyed by the royals! If it’s good enough for them I am certainly a fan.

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