Breakout Control

We’ve all been there. Experienced that dreaded pimple, yellow head, full blown break out. And although there’s never a good time to be confronted with blemishes, it does always seem like these occurrences are at exactly the worst time! I don’t have a revolutionary solution but I will share my go to products that get me through those days that we all endure at some stage.


Sudocrem, sudocrem, sudocrem. Blemish, bite, irritated ingrown hair, indistinguishable  skin thing, maybe even sunburn and of course spots! Sudocrem is the ultimate multipurpose solution product that I have shouted to my Fiance for almost every complaint for years now. And generally it never lets you down. It just cures things – put this on that bad boy that’s threatening to ruin your day tomorrow and I assure you it will at least shrink. If you are suffering ongoing a little trick that helped me was applying a little bit on problem areas under makeup.



Think about your routine at night – are you for sure getting all your makeup off? Now I wish I was committed enough to go in for a Korean 100 steps to beautiful skin everyday but reality after a long day, I just want it all off without spending an hour achieving the result. Until a year ago, I was more of a cleanse and tone with cotton wool kind of girl, until I switched to cleansing facial washes. I find it very difficult to remove every scrap of makeup and dirt from the toxic tube commute off with cotton wool and cleanser. But a thorough wash or two with a facial wash – if you are in for a double cleanse is much quicker and more effective. If you do like a double maybe try a cleasning oil to take all your makeup off first, followed by a cleansing wash to really feel squeaky clean and fresh.


Do not skip moisturiser

When I was going through a very bad skin phase a couple of winters ago, I had the ridiculous idea in mind of skipping moisturising to reduce oil. Wrong! Do not do this – you will look tired and dull like I did! When I made a trip to a facialist she educated me on how this can cause dryness and skin to crack and bacteria can sneak in which in fact promotes breakouts. If you are worried about oil production go for oil free products and take a trip to a facialist yourself who can point you to the right moisturise for your skin type.

Do skip face wipes

In my defense, I feel face wipes were all the rage in the 00s but I definitely followed that trend too long. Face wipes do not take off your makeup effectively. If you think they do, try cleansing with a cotton wool pad after you’ve used one and you will see my point. Some brands also have harsh ingredients which can strip your skin of all the good stuff.

AHA treatments

I love an AHA mask for healthy skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) are derived from natural substances and give great exfoliation to resurface and diminish breakouts. The effect will vary from individual to individual but my skin always looks so much fresher after an AHA mask and I feel it can stop blemishes in their tracks at times and really help your complexion. My go to is Alpha H, Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Mask with Lavender. For a treat, I love the Lucia Magnani, Retexturising Radiance Mask. I was also super impressed by Starskin’s, Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff and would highly recommend.

Don’t scrimp

Fundamentally, don’t scrimp on skincare. This does not mean you need to spend a fortune – you can get some great affordable products. I love Naturaline Facial Wash, Simple Cleansing Oil and Urban Veda Daily Radiance Facial Wash cleansers and all are under £12. Whatever your budget, invest in a solid three step routine to promote healthy skin and keep sneaky break outs at bay.



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