Fab Five Hair Styling Products

It takes a lot of different lotions and potions to get our hair insta ready, so these are my fab five I couldn’t be without!

Superdrug, Argan Hair Therapy Everyday Oil

My can’t do without, top of my fab five hair products is this Superdrug hair serum. My hair needs extra help after washing to help it brush through when wet. However the best thing about this is it’s a multi purpose oil, it can be used on damp hair, dry hair before styling,or as an over night serum or leave in treatment. This is for leaving my hair soft and shiny.

CoLab, Dry shampoo

For those many days where I do not want to wash my hair, CoLab Dry Shampoo. This is a new trial for me and i’m liking how subtle it is, a lot of dry shampoos leave a heavy powdery feel in my hair. CoLab is very light, smells lovely and no white residue!

VO5, Plump It Up

Need volume? I love big hair, this is an amplifying blow dry lotion, it gives an extra thickness to the hair giving it plenty of bounce, but also helpfully protects heat damage from styling.

Aussie Miracle, Beach Waves

I am still trying to perfect the sexy beach waves, so helping me out is this great texturising spray. Ideal matt feel for tousled hair without it feeling too crispy and dry. Also like all Aussie products it smells fantastic!

L’Oréal Elnett, Satin Hairspray

An absolute classic, so there can be no other choice. After using so many others there is not one which is so lightweight and lets you restyle after spraying. Most hairsprays leave my hair weighed down and so far this product has remained on top.

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