Review 365 Vitamins Repair & Revitalise Supplements

Taking supplements is never a bad thing, not matter how hard we try we will always need that boost. Of course looking after our skin, hair and nails can be hard, so having something to help is a God send.

So I have been trying the Repair & Revitalise supplements from 365 Vitamins over the last couple of months. I really wanted to give the product enough time to see if I notice the difference. I can be a sucker and easily sold on gimmicks so I really wanted to give this a fair review.

All you do is take two tablets once a day, the marine collagen ingredients with vitamins C & E contribute to collagen production and cell protection. Nothing is ever going to be a miracle but certainly in the last month I have experienced less break outs and any I do get are less severe. My hair and nails are growing,  feeling healthy and strong. I especially noticed my nails need to be done more regularly as they grow quicker.

The only thing I would say about these tablets is they are quite large, so if you’re not great at swallowing tablets you’ll need a very decent glug of water. However they are flavourless and don’t smell horrible like some I have tried before……very off putting!

If nothing else these suppliments provide vitamin c which is great for the immune system so are a fantastic addition to a healthy diet especially if you looking to focus on those areas.

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