Relaxing Face Cleansing Routine

Now and again if I need to destress, I have been going too hard, or I have an event to prepare for; I love to take some time out and properly treat and cleanse my skin.

Starting with a clean face! I love to get a nice warm hand towel or flannel and place over my face for 10 minutes, heaven! It’s a perfect way to wind down and with the warmth of the flannel, if you have an essential oil around add it to the flannel, I have Tisserand Aromatherapy, Roller Ball Happy Oil which is lovely and calming, lavender is perfect before bed.

Now the pores are open, I like to gently exfoliate all the dead skin and dirt away, using gentle circular motions especially around the nose, chin and forehead. A natural exfoliant is always best, like one of my old favourites from Your Tea, Tea Face. Made from tea and natural ingredients to leave healthy glowing skin.

Face mask time! There are many to choose from but I am absolutely loving sheet masks.  They are amazing for a moisture boost, peel off masks to get rid of dirt and grime, and the bubble masks which are just hilarious!

The skin is refreshed, with two cotton pads using B Pure by Superdrug micellar water,  I wipe away any residue from the face mask.

All done! Skin is rejuvenated, I end using my favourite serum and moisturiser, both by Superdrug, B Confident night serum and the Vitamin C Nourishing Gel moisturiser.

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