Out & About at Mr Foggs

This gem is tucked away in the heart of Mayfair with a very real air of the home of a classic English gentlemen. You could almost feel you are intruding in their beautiful lounge! Mr Fogg may be absent but a Great Gatsbyesque crowd have invaded and are making the most of the bar.

Copy of Mr Fogg's-3.(1)But it’s easy to feel at home at this cocktail party. The cosy, atmospheric abode is truly unique and full of character, from the family portraits to the Grandfather Clock. Lovers of Mr Selfridge, The Halycon and Downtown Abbey will revel in the vintage taste.

Fogg's Bar sofa

Whether seeking pre -dinner drinks or somewhere to settle for an evening of cocktails this is the perfect spot for an evening of style.


Mr Foggs is extravagant in glamour and the prices do match but for the experience it pays off. Service is great and the drinks are as delicious as they look. This cocktail party is always full – booking is essential. We reserved a table for two hours on a Saturday and the next guests were hot on our heels. We could however continue festivities at the bar. It’s well worth a trip to this stately home for a timeless cocktail or two.



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