I openly confess my hair has a hard time between bleach and heat. Never is this more evident than when I look back at pictures from a few years ago and realise how much thinner it’s looking! So I’ve imposed a bit of a hairtox on myself to work on the condition and hopefully get some volume back. It’s early days but here’s some steps I’m taking that you might benefit from too if your hair needs a rest from the perils of styling.

The easiest way to cut back on heat damage is to leave my hair dry naturally and shun the straighteners. Simple. Except I haven’t actually left my hair in it’s natural – not quite curly not quite straight fashion since I was about 12. Cutting out straighteners is like quitting smoking for me! I am actually still getting to know it’s natural state! Now everyone around me has got over the shock that actually I have kinda curly hair, so am I.

If you too are an inbetweener like myself in terms of hair texture, damp hair at night finds more of a curl and if that fails dampen it, twist it into two small buns euros her side and wind them up and secure and leave to dry for a while. That creates a nice wavy curl without any heat.

Product is always key! I love hair treatments! I’ve been indulging in the infamous cult favourite Elasticizer. This is unusual because it’s a preshampoo treatment. Wet hair, apply the product to the ends and leave for 20 minuets. I tie my hair up, wet the ends and then clip it up so it’s out of the way. The advantage is when you wash out your treatment your hair retains all it needs and isn’t weighed down.

Phillip Kingsley are experts in tricology hair health. If you too have thinning hair they have a whole host of goodies to get volume back. So I’m also using some shampoos from the range to help with my hair volume.

After a treatment and hair wash, I finish off with a spritz of protein spray. I use Joico K Pak Liquid Reconstructor.

The final hairtox touch is all those supplements to aid growth and repair. I’ve been good at taking these in the past but always stop. So taking the supplements seriously this time so hopefully in three months time I’ll be reporting some amazing results to all! It’s all about that biotin.

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  1. I have had the hair product for ages, yet have never opened it! I didn’t really know what it was and had never seen anything about it before. Now I know what it is I will be sure to try this out!xo


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