Pizza passion at Delfino’s

Looking at our Out & About posts we may as well rename it Pizza About – obsessed! But who can blame us?! What can top this take away favourite? Eating Italian style out in London Town of course!

I had heard through friends and colleagues that Defino’s was the best pizza in London…..a bold statement, of course I had to try this, so to Mayfair we trott. Delfino’s is in the heart of Mayfair in a very lovely location just around thornier from Berkeley Square, pizza for the elite perhaps?!

We were seated luckily as this is certainly a hot spot, bustling on a random Wednesday evening. The menu presented classic Italian dishes and a very welcoming wine list.

Of course it made sense to plonk for the margarita pizza plus a bottle of rose wine….there is something about a good blush that’s sets a pizza off.

Simple, classic, Italian and delicious! What more could be said, in a busy atmosphere with people who truly appreciate Italian cuisine. One thing I probably would say in the grand scheme of things for pizza and wine this place is a little pricey, so for must of us would be considered a treat……however with Valentine’s around the corner what better excuse!

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