Double Cleansing Good or Bad?

I remember reading an article about double cleansing and whether it’s good for us, and I wondering, do I or don’t I double cleanse? What is it and why would it be a debate, clean skin is good – right?

What is double cleansing? This can be defined as washing with a cleanser but then using a different product afterwards to remove excess dirt.

There are pros and cons to double cleansing and I’ve read a few articles with advice on either side of the fence, so here are my views. Personally, I very much like and need to double cleanse, I wear a fair amount of makeup so the initial wash with a cleanser doesn’t quite take everything off. I am often still left with some foundation and mascara residue. For me it’s important to do a secondary cleanse with some form of toner or micellar water to make sure my pores are left clean.

The reason why some dermatologists and mere mortals are against the double cleanse is that it can take away some of the essential oil that our skin needs to prevent it drying  out and making it more sensitive. For some who have skin that can be easily upset it really is adviseed to cleanse once to give skin a chance to repair. Also for those who are wearing little or no makeup, a single cleanse may be all you need, why go to the trouble!

For my cleansing routine, I like to pick products that are gentle with few chemicals to avoid upsetting the balance of my skin and doing more harm than good.

The first thing I do in my cleansing routine is wash with Naturally Radiant by Superdrug foam face wash. This gets the majority of makeup and impurities off. It’s cruelty free and contains fruit extract and Vitamin E perfect for me as my skin can feel dull this helps keep it looking fresh and alive.

Next it’s the B by Superdrug Micellar Water. Using a cotton pad, I wipe around my skin cleaning any missed patches and clearing the pores giving them much needed breathing space. This water is gentle and soothing on the skin, which is important for not taking away too many natural oils.

It’s important to know what works for you and to take care of that precious organ, your skin.

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