Out & About at Pizzeria Pappagone

By the time I reached Pizzeria Pappagone after a ten minute walk in the cold from the station, I had worked up the perfect appetite for all the delicious goodness on offer! It was worth the extra steps.
Once inside the service was warm and the restaurant was bustling with fellow pizza lovers. This is a perfect choice for social gatherings, the waiters aren’t just friendly but a welcome part of the party.
After discovering that the fine wine menu was not the only vino on offer (phew) I was perfectly content with a more what you’d expect kind of price wine that hit the spot nicely. This is an all authentic clay oven pizzeria, so although there are other options on the menu you have questionable judgement if you sway from trying the pizza!
Following a dose of classic anti pasta that was as fresh and delicious as it looks, I was presented with my pizza and I wasn’t disappointed. There’s nothing worse than pretentious portions that leave you unsatisfied but fortunately here you’ll likely have the opposite problem. You could share of course but in my experience that’s never as fun.

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