Review Shine Shampoo Soap Bar

With the damning cold weather causing my hair serious upset there were so many products I reached out to to sooth my poor locks.

A new concept reached out to me, and I had no idea something like this existed! The shampoo soap bar! I know right how can that possibly clean your hair and not dry it out – imaging putting a normal soap bar on your hair, yikes!! But fear not this is a completely different thing.

Shine Shampoo Bar is the creation of a talented hairdresser based in Brighton, with his plentiful knowledge of haircare this one of a kind shampoo was created to care for hair whilst conveniently packaged with absolutely no waste of product.

Packed in a handy tin, this is no mess, no fuss and absolutely perfect if you are travelling, or packing it into your gym bag, no more lugging around heavy shampoo bottles!

Not just for travel however this is perfect for everyday use. It’s lathers up just like a normal shampoo and is meant to last a lot longer than your average bottle. It cleans my hair perfectly and leaves it feeling strong and as it says on the tin – literally – shiney!

This is a beautiful product to use and would recommend to anyone, to purchase google Shine hair group for salon details and the list of products.

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