Child’s Farm

When I had a chat with the Child’s Farm team about how some the range could slip into my beauty routine, I was keen to put them to the test! Child’s Farm is an all natural line of bath and skincare for babies and children. All products are made up of naturally derived ingredients and fresh smelling essential oils to make mild, kind and safe products.

So if you aren’t a Mum these items may not be something you’d instinctively pop in your shopping basket! But word on the street was that that the award-winning moisturiser doubled up as a primer. If you did want to use on your body, i’ve found it quick absorbing and non-sticky. The cream contains grapefruit and organic tea tree oil, so is ideal for grown ups too.


I don’t currently have a pre-makeup primer so this has been very useful through the party season! Once applied it goes smoothly on the skin, it’s super sensitive so doesn’t upset skin ahead of makeup application. It also dries with no residue, so won’t disrupt your makeup or your foundation. I found that when wearing the ‘primer’ my makeup did have a more even and matt finish, giving a more flawless complexion and helping makeup last the day.

I’ve also been using the luxurious Baby Oil which contains organic coconut oil. Again a perfect product for sensitive skin as it’s so mild and gentle.  This can be used all over the body, hands, face and feet to moisturise and hydrate all skin types. I’m enjoying using it in the shower on my legs ahead of shaving which is proving a great way to lock in moisture.


This leaves skin feeling lovely and soft and smells great. It’s packaged in a pump so is really easy to apply – just a few quick pumps and spritzes and your skin is hydrated. The Baby Oil is priced at £8.00 for 75ml which may be a little more than some other brands but the quality and ingredients make it worthwhile. The packaging also avoids mess and waste which are always pluses! At just £4.50 for 250ml the Moisturiser is a real bargain if you are looking to try an alternative primer. Find out more at


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