The Dalloway Terrace

Probably one of the most instagramable restaurants, the stunning Dalloway Terrace is based in The Bloomsbury Hotel. Seasonally decorated currently as a winter wonderland.

Arriving at the Terrace is like pushing through the coats into Narnia. Beautiful winter foliage with sparkling decorations, fur throws on all of the seating giving that cosy Nordic feel.

Terrace is quite a deceiving description of this restaurant, Terrace to the hotel it maybe but not exposed to the elements, glass make the outer walls and heaters all around should a breeze escape through.

We decided as a festive gathering what better place, hiring out a whole private section we were able to enjoy the Terrace fully. Bubbles on arrival, we were through the curtains to our tables. Seasonally decorated, cosy lights and candles all around, I couldn’t wait to snuggle in the throws and look forward to dinner.

Catering to everyone’s tastes/diets the food was presented flawlessly. Although the food was delicious this wasn’t what stood out for me or made it special. The service was fabulous, not a dry glass on the table, no mistaken orders, the waiters were happy, polite and polished in their service, I was so impressed.

This place is perfect for a special occasion, party or even a special date night, anyone you take will be sure to be impressed.

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