The Trouble With Blonde Is….

I have always been a blonde and I love it, I used to revel in my lovely long; thick blonde hair and it would be the one thing about myself that I truly wouldn’t change.

Being fair haired naturally, having ashy blonde highlights was all I had done to give my colour a lift from about the age of 18. The problem is, for me and I’m sure many others may empathize, blonde is ADDICTIVE. Suddenly it wasn’t light enough; I wanted blonder, whiter and eventually with the new trends silver hair! Silver shampoo for a while was able to tame my quest for blonde however eventually it wasn’t enough and I decided to do the ultimate….all over block bleaching and toning to achieve white blonde!

At first I was happy this was great, I couldn’t possibly be any more blonde, but it comes at a price ladies. My long thick healthy hair was breaking and thinning, I felt karma was kicking my butt for not appreciating what I had. That’s the problem with bleaching for long periods of time even for the most robust hair, it takes its toll and damages your hair.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, if you are deciding to go on the pursuit for blonde I cannot stress enough PRODUCTS. Plenty of protein hair masks, oils, heat protectors – and less of the straightening. Only then can you protect from the inevitable breakage.

Throughout most of my early 20’s I was arrogant about the need for using treatments, I had great healthy hair why would I bother putting loads of “crap” in there, well remember prevention is better than cure!

Even though I am now growing out a lot of my blonde, attempting the ombre effect to try and achieve my thicker locks again – for the moment – I still like to keep the rest of my blonde hair looking bright, white with a silvery touch but mainly healthy, so the products I use are to keep plenty of moisture in as my hair can now get very dry:

Once a week at least, protein hair mask. I use this one from Palmer’s – Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. Very thick and very rich, it can be used as a quick 20 minute treatment but I always leave on a little longer or if I can for about an hour. It can be used as an overnight treatment too. Once washed out my hair feels silky smooth, nourished and a lot easier to brush through, so less of the breaking. It doesn’t feel as weighed down as other hair masks I’ve used in the past.thumbnail_3315D Protein Pack 300 dpiDaily! Serums are fab to use, treating and protecting, perfect to use before styling and in between. At the moment I’m loving Superdrug’s own Hair Therapy Oil it helps to repair the hair, making mine feel stronger and easier to brush through when wet, you can also you it as an overnight treatment. This product keeps my hair smooth and frizz free throughout the day and I am definitely starting to notice it getting longer. Would not go without using it now.thumbnail_HairTherapyMacadamiaHome toning, yes it’s not always recommended. And I have been advised by many a hairdresse
r to avoid if possible. However, you may find yourself in need of refreshing and cannot get to your hairdresser, so these semi-permanent toners are a great option, in my opinion. They are also a leave in conditioner and I love them! I use this rose gold blonde which is a really good tone for me, not too much blue. My hair feels amazing afterwards. Use with the pastiliser to tailor your colour to make it more or less vibrant.Processed with VSCO with a5 presetI will never not love being a blonde, even through the trials and tribulations, there is so much you can do with the different shades and tones, but always take care of your hair, you’ll miss it when it starts breaking off. Enjoy it, because we all secretly know blondes have more fun 😉 – Jokes! xx

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  1. This is so helpful! I’ve grown out my bleach and want to get it redone at some point, but my hair is super damaged and dried already 😦 I’ll check some of these products out, thank you for putting this together! 🙂

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