Fab Five Dark Circle Cures

It’s January, that horrible time of year when we are all feeling the strain of returning to work and a routine. If you are like me that struggle will show itself around your eyes in the shape of unflattering dark circles. This in my experience is a symptom that’s really difficult to budge. But I have come across some near solutions. Consistency is key – for maximum results never miss your dark circle cure off your morning and evening beauty routine. Here’s my fab five:

1. Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Balm

I love Simple products because I have sensitive skin and eyes. Products are also easily found and purchased in terms of both budget and stockists. This is a light cream that absorbs really fast. Overall, does the job in brightening up under eyes. It’s not a miracle worker but great if you don’t want to spend a fortune and prefer unperfumed products. Simple!

Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm Package 1 £3.49

2. No7 Beautiful Skin Dark Circle corrector

I always avoid greasy products that rest on the skin too long. This gel like texture ticks that box. It’s a middle of the road option in terms of price and again gets on well with my sensitive skin. After using for a few days I saw a marked difference and improvement.

No7 Dark Circle Corrector

3. Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex

I recently began a love affair with this brand. This is a more luxurious option but you see results fast.  I knew I was on to a good thing when recommended to me, I purchased because I could see what a difference this made to her eyes – they were looking so much brighter. If used religiously, twice a day I almost don’t have any trace of dark eye. For me it’s more of an investment buy but it does last as only a small amount is required and you get what you pay for.


4. Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair

A safe bet brand and another instant result cream. Would again recommend from a sensitive skin perspective – and a non-greasy easily absorbed product. Only a very small amount is needed so again this will last.

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair

5. Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum

After using this everyday for about a week it definitely improved the skin around my eyes.  It is a lovely light weight serum so it absorbs well and is perfect for under make up. Another option that lasts and leaves a nice flawless finish.






  1. I’ve been on the hunt for some undereye products since I’m running out of my Bliss undereye cream. I might try the Simple one! Thanks for the suggestions 🙂


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