Out & About at Riding House Cafe

I’ve never been anywhere else like the Riding House Cafe. When looking for a delicious brunch that is classy but not too posh – this is where I find myself. It’s perfect for informal meetings and even better for some indulgence on your days off with the ladies. It is always alive with chatter, business and pleasure. This great atmosphere is what I like the most about this hot spot tucked away on Great Titchfield Street, a lovely and leisurely stroll from Oxford Street.


The service is hot here, you’ll arrive to a friendly, professional greeting and be well looked after but not smothered. The decor is tasteful and contemporary with some home from home, colourful finishing touches. Wooden tables and cushioned booths are accompanied by tall elegant bar stools, complete with velvet furnishing. Oh yes – there is a bar! What kind of brunch spot would this be if there wasn’t?! If you did want to drop by later there is a dinner menu but sadly I can’t boast to have tried it yet.


The breakfast and more specifically the pancakes, on the other hand, I could talk about all day. Once you’ve had the pancakes, eggs on toast will never hit the spot again. The Buttermilk Pancakes are served with berries, vanilla clotted cream and maple syrup. They taste as good as they look, sometimes there are no words.


On the whole the breakfast menu is strong, it’s little wonder Londoners are all over this place, it’s ticking all the boxes. If you are swerving pancakes for a healthy option the Quoina Porridge could work for you, or perhaps some fruit, yogurt and honey. Whether you are in for a cheat day or avoiding the sins, there’s something for everyone. Personally, I could eat my way through all of it!

The other component to a perfect breakfast should also be talked about: coffee. In the game of coffee roulette this latte was a winner! I had two, breaking my one coffee a day rule but it was worth it.


This isn’t the cheapest breakfast I’ve had but it wasn’t the most expensive either and I am already thinking about how to go back, always a good sign! If you need a central coffee spot for you and your friends, we just found it for you.

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