Winter Haircare

Our poor locks have been beaten and battered by wind, snow, damp and then dried out by heating, and we still have the rest of winter to go! You may be thinking how is my hair going to survive such conditions, especially when we want to be looking our best.

Fear not! Help is out there, we just need to find the best we can get, my hair has been in desperate need of TLC, so it has been a blessing trying out plenty of methods to get it back to its best.

We’ll start with the products. Joico haircare aims to give us all beautiful shiny and healthy hair. Being a blonde who has highlighted her hair to the max, my hair is especially vulnerable  to damaging winter conditions, making my hair dry and prone to breaking. Joico has developed the Blonde Life range to cater for blonde needs with highlighting technology to banish the brass and with a combination of oils to repair damage.

I have been using the Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo with the Blonde Life Brightening Masque which you leave in the hair for 3-5 minuets, pretty easy and low maintenance. After my first use, I instantly noticed my hair was bouncy, full of vitality and beautifully soft. I usually use a silver shampoo to lift the hair colour but since using Joico, I haven’t felt the need. Continued use over this festive period has definitely reduced the amount of breakage when brushing! I have loved using Joico Blonde Life, my hair is looking and feeling glorious. I would thoroughly recommend it to any blonde out there. Head to the website to see the full list of ranges and where to purchase.

Next on my list for winter care saviours is the Phil Smith Intensive Conditioning Treatment. Phil Smith is no stranger to being top in the haircare elite but if you haven’t got involved already, you definitely should. This leave in conditioner is for someone with a little more time on their hands, it only takes  10-15 minuets extra. I found it best to dowse my hair in the conditioner and wrap in cling film to ensure the product gets deep in the hair. This is a product that will really help if your hair is very dry and over processed. After my first use my hair was sleek and smooth, my hairbrush ran straight through, no need for extra oils which is fantastic to prevent weighing the hair down. It is also cruelty free which is always an added bonus and its easy to get hold of in supermarkets or drugstores.

Finally, I have a lovely pot of beauty to share with you, Tiana Organics Arian Fresh Coconut TLC Intensive Hair Treatment. Free from parabens, propylene glycol and other chemicals, cruelty free and suitable for vegans. This lovely natural coconut oil comes in a solid form until it is warmed in the hands and massaged into the hair. This is a very intensive treatment best used overnight, reducing protein loss and strengthening the hair. This is a treatment that is perfect for some real pampering for thinning and weak hair. It’s lovely to use a natural product that works deep in the hair, I found my hair feeling thicker and fuller after using and will continue as the bad weather abuses it.

Maybe you haven’t the time to purchase your favourite haircare or perhaps you want to go o’natural! Well I have a couple of fantastic remedies courtesy of Hive & Keeper. Mix 2 tablespoons of Hive & Keeper Floral honey with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and apply from tips to roots, massaging the tips if they are very damaged. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse out. Curly hair doesn’t need to be washed off after this treatment as it will enjoy the extra moisture from the olive oil but wash if your hair is straight and thin.

Another great recipe to boost shine and moisture is to mix one half avocado, 1 tablespoon of argan oil and 2 tablespoons of Hive & Keeper fruity honey. Apply on the whole hair from roots to tips and leave on for at least 30 minutes (add a shower cap or kitchen film to keep hair in place and retain moisture). Rinse and wash with a moisturising shampoo and let your hair feel the love!

Honey is soothing for the scalp, helps moisturise and is an antioxidant. It fights age and bacteria, and will heal wounds (perfect for itchy scalps for example). Always choose raw honey as it hasn’t been treated or altered and use once to twice a week.

You can discover Hive & Keepers British Honey on the website .Honey Club also offer a subscription box, so the goodness can be delivered straight to your door.

So there you have it, a full guide to help you on the way to beautiful winter locks!

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