Review Lucia Magnani Rejuvenating Eye Cream

I was so excited to recieve a sample of the Lucia Magnani, Rejuvenating Eye Cream. Firstly because it sounds amazing and I was basically born with hard to budge dark circles. But secondly because the range is so beautifully packaged!


The Lucia Magnani Skin Care range launched quite recently, just in Spring this year.  The philosophy behind the brand: blending science and its antioxidants with nature for  glowing skin. Lucia Magnani Skin Care combines four antioxidant ingredients: Ubiquinone, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid, in conjunction with three earth elements: Crodarom Rock Crystal (Quartz), Gulf Stream Sea Water (Sea Salt) and Actipyte of Chardonnay GL (Vitis Vinifera Grapefruit Extract).

It’s no wonder the packaging is so striking, Lucia Magnani asked international award-winning designer Marc Rosen to create the beautiful graphics, jars and bottles. The finished product combines contemporary, oval shapes with tortoiseshell caps, chosen by Marc as an expression of long life and Italian style.


But moving on to the eye cream specifically, this product promises to offer long-lasting hydration and an illuminating effect, nourishing and firming the delicate skin under the eyes.  You simply apply a small amount to the tip of your fingers and evenly in the area under the eyes and in the corners. Well-known antioxidants such as CoQ10, Vitamin E and Alpha-Lipoic Acid provide beneficial effects for maintaining a youthful appearance while peptides counter expression lines. The eye area will appear brighter and more youthful, giving a more rested appearance which lasts all day.


Like many eye creams, I noticed best results after using for a time and using consistently. It’s been about a month now and my eyes are looking bright and rested. Skin does feel a little firmer around the eye. The illuminating effect is evident, particularity when applied under makeup in the morning. It is also light and easily absorbed into the skin, so a good choice for all day wear. I apply at night and in the morning most days which is when I see the most marked effect.

Lucia Magnani is a luxury skincare range and the quality is evident. From the design to the feel of application. What a great idea to get a designer on board, it makes a real impression and is so distinctive. It also makes the range a great gift for any skincare lover.


Lucia Magnani Skincare is available exclusively from Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge and online at The price point is £130.00 for 15 ml. This makes it at the higher end of a budget like mine but it looks great, feels nice and delivers a good result. It also lasts, so you get a good return on investment and wouldn’t need to pay out often. You only need a very small amount for each application. I have barely touched the sides after a month.

Would recommend for anyone who is looking to brighten up eyes or seeking a stunning beauty gift.

4.5 out of 5


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