Popping up at the Woody Bear

The festive season is in full swing, mulled wine is flowing and lights are twinkling. Even if you are not a big fan of Christmas, it must be hard not to enjoy everything that comes with it.

Bars everywhere, complete with the decorations and seasoned beverages on offer are a particular highlight!

The Woody Bear is a cosy pop up bar hidden on a rooftop on Oxford Circus! You may recognise it from a little summer post we did?! Well now it’s gone all Christmas on us!

Being on a roof in the middle of winter may sound like a crazy idea, think of the layering you would have to put on. However this is not the case, concealed with canopies and a little ‘shed’ there is more than enough shelter to keep you warm and dry, not to mention the copious amount of heaters around.

Cocktails are at the waiting in jars, mulled wine is on the warmer at the ready and there’s a simple selection of wine for traditional vino lovers.

The theme is festive funfair, with old big wheel carriages used as seating and a clown motif, it’s all finished off by a glorious Christmas tree sitting proudly in the centre.

It is the perfect place for when your friends turn around and say ‘let’s go somewhere festive!’. It’s also located just around the corner from Winter Wonderland should you be feeling extra!

Woody Bear offers a great, casual and cosy environment to sup on that mulled wine, so pop in and say ho ho ho!

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