Out & About at The City Pride

Sometimes the greatest pleasures are the simplest. Skip the fuss and the frills and focus on something that is just delicious – no trimmings needed. This can certainly be said for The City Pride, where the authentic pizza takes centre stage. This is one of my favourite haunts at this time of year, there’s no nothing like a pizza lunch to kick off festivities.
If you are looking for a taste of Sicily in a very British place, from the service to the food, this is the place to be! The unusual pairing of a classic, London pub through and through comes with an extensive Sicilian menu that makes pizza lovers spoilt for choice. I’ve tried most of i, this is a hugely popular choice for colleagues Birthday lunch celebrations from my nearby office. You can’t go wrong, but I have a particular soft spot for the Funghi – a must eat for mushroom lovers.
If you like your pizza as Napoli intended, you will not be disappointed. And neither will your mates who love a beer and a comfy sofa. This is what hangover dreams are made of! And it all comes at a pretty penny with prices mostly being between £9-£11. If Pizza Hut won’t cut it, City Pride can offer the comfort food and surroundings, that will take you back to your student house share days.

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