Review Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Face Sheet Mask

A collagen sheet mask, sounds like this may be up my street. In my constant quest to find eternal youth without breaking the bank, I have discovered Skin Republic.

The skincare range has recently burst onto the scene and already collected a handful of awards. Developed in South Korea, Skin Republic aim to bring good skincare which is available to all.

Sheet masks differ from a standard face mask as the moist sheet acts as a second skin, meaning the skin underneath will absorb more of the nutrients faster.

This collagen sheet mask is has a creamy, smooth and cooling formula. It was so lovely to put on, lie back and relax and feel the soothing milk on the skin, perfect for a pamper evening.  The benefits I was seeking here, were anti-ageing, but there are others in the different products that Skin Republic has to offer.

As stated this mask contains collagen as well as Elastin and Vitamin E, all vital ingredients to improve skin vitality and help to reduce fine lines. It is advised that this product be used weekly for the first month to feel the full benefits. I however am impressed already, if only for the lovely calming sensation I felt whilst wearing the mask, but also once removed my skin felt deeply nourished.

This is something I will be adding to my skincare regime. I’m very much convinced by the sheet mask over a normal mask for the benefits and sheer relaxation.

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