Peaky Blinders Beauty Guide

Hold on to your seats, as everyone’s favourite, loveable rogues are back to brighten up our screens for the winter. I defy any fan to say they don’t have a soft spot for the gorgeous Thomas Shelby but for the first time ever, it’s actually Ada grabbing my attention! Gurl has got herself a makeover and she is looking haaaat.

Who doesn’t love a touch of timeless vintage glamour?! Here’s how I’ll be recreating some Ada style for the party season.

Flawless matt coverage

Ada is sporting gorgeous, understated makeup which is all about the flawless skin and matt finish. This base can easily be achieved with full coverage favourites such as Estée Lauder Double Wear or Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation. The latter almost looks like you have already dusted powder on. To keep makeup in place and reduce any shine, finishing with Makeup Revolution, Banana Powder.

Red lip
Ada’s natural makeup is completed by a simple red lip to make the look pop. Her more muted tone of choice adds a lick of colour to her neutral base and a bit of glamour! Her shade of choice is the kind that could be sported day or night and reminds me of Mac, Chilli.
Chilli lipstick
Vintage curls 
I love a vintage curl, in fact it’s the only way I ever curl my hair and I find the best style to hold its shape. Nothing worse than that dropped out look within the hour (why did I bother?!). I have found there are three simple rules to achieve the ultimate vintage wave.

1. Go big. The best vintage curls are produced with wider curling tongs. Remember to side part your hair before you begin. You need to tip the curling tong upside down and wrap your hair under the tong then around it . Repeat in small sections.

2. Cool it. To create that beautiful, distinctive wave, you need to brush through your curls but in order for your hair to really hold the shape, wait until your hair has completely cooled. You can even use your fingers instead, if you would like a a tighter curl/less of a wave.

3. Spray it. But with the right hairspray, this really can make or break your efforts. Lightweight and less sticky hairspray that doesn’t won’t weigh down the style is essential. I always get best results with L’Oreal Elnett, Normal Strength Hairspray.

Enjoy the look of the season!

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