Winter Fragrance

If summer is floral and light the winter is intense and spicy! Time to embrace those deep scents that just don’t work in the sun but are a dream to bring knitwear to life.

Dolce & Gabbana, The One

Dolce & Gabbana The One

I absolutely love Dolce & Gabana’s, The One as a winter smell. It’s is so rich it practically has its own persona. It really lasts and despite its intensity it’s beautiful, the overriding vanilla and fruit notes ensure it’s just powerful enough but never overbearing. The gold packaging adds to the glamour – this is quality all the way.
Hugo Boss, Deep Red
Hugo Boss
This has all the festive features required. Musky, fruity and it’s even in a red bottle! Deep Red is a fantastic blend of sweet, citrus and woodsy tones, it makes a great evening perfume for party season or a hot date – very sexy.

Paco Rabanne, Lady Million

Lady Million

Presented in a gold diamond shaped bottle, that looks like the perfect gift. The sensual fragrance has fresh and citrus top notes of orange and raspberry, followed by floral notes of Arabian jasmine and base notes of patchouli, honey and amber. A perfect addition under any Christmas tree.
YSL, Black Opium
A classic case of a scent that develops over time. On first smell this is floral but over the hours you’ll find more depth with traces of everything from black coffee – for a shot of adrenaline! Sweetened up by Vanilla. A gorgeous balance between sweet and spice.

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