New Job! My Look

A new chapter has started for me, which is very exciting! Life begins at 30, believe it! A new job in the big city, naturally called for a little makeup spruce. Having worked somewhere previously for so long my routine had become so mundane.

Time to switch it up, I was looking to keep it light but more polished. A buildable finish is key, as events can crop up last minute. It’s not all change though as i’ve stuck to my very dependable primer from Charlotte Tilbury, I just love the benefits it gives my skin.

My complexion is never perfect, so a good concealer is a must to help cover those little blemishes and to keep under the eyes looking bright and fresh. There is no better concealer for the job than NARS, it never fails with beautiful coverage and blends perfectly. It’s also great for tops up during the day.

As a little celebration of new beginnings I felt it was time to source a new lightweight foundation. I wanted something that had good coverage but not heavy or cakey. By Terry is a new brand to me, but I am informed it is very popular. This foundation is liquid, lightweight but still buildable for fuller coverage so should still stand by you if you move on to after work drinks! I shall be reviewing this foundation next week, stay tuned!

I am never without a little rouge on my cheeks, I use this lovely candy pink colour by NYX which has a lovely highlighting shimmer to it. You can’t beat a two birds with one stone product, it is perfect and subtle for the office.

The basics didn’t need to change, as always eyebrows are highlighted with Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake and my mascara at the moment is Barry M accompanied by a subtle liner using Collection Liquid Liner. For lips, again I am opting for a soft tone for the daytime, I find a nude lip liner with a touch of nude gloss is perfect.  This can always be built on, should things move into the night.

And that’s me done! Ready for the office! Who runs the world……..?

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