Out & About at Cheeky Holborn

The Cheeky Salon in Holborn is tucked in next to The Chicken Shop. Which is part of the reason I walked by a first, I wouldn’t have thought to pair nails and chicken before but both businesses are owned by the same company and if you’re peckish post polish it’s a very convenient combo.


The Cheeky Salon has all the East London edge you might expect. Neon lights, brickwork, cool art display with touches of glamour and as aforementioned it’s attached to the chicken shop. So it’s no surprise edgy folk are flocking for their manicures and fries. There are however also many less edgy visitors like myself, Cheeky treatments have mass appeal.

The coolness does not however mean a less warm greeting or service. The team were very helpful when I needed directions and put me very much at ease during manicure chit chat and payment.

At £42 my shellac manicure was a little pricier than I have paid in other salons. But Cheeky succeeds in offering a more comfortable and pampering time atmosphere. There were a few ladies out together making the most of their trip with drinks from the cocktail and refreshment menu. This is certainly more the kind of place to be enjoyed together over bubbles.

Another important factor when considering price of course is the result. This was a gentler manicure that gave me beautiful glossy nails that are flawless so far a week later and I had less sensitivity and tenderness afterwards. Anyone else felt that burning/tingling under the lamp before? Well there’s none of that here so it’s a much more relaxing. I’d recommend the Ox Blood shade.

If your treatment isn’t treat enough there’s lots of products on display for inspiration and purchase too! I would definitely recommend a trip here for a treat, you may pay a little more but it lasts.

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