Winter Beauty Kit

The clocks are going back, bring on darker, drizzlier days and all the central heating in the run to winter. Our skin, hair and whole beauty routines have to deal with a new set of challenges as winter draws in. Some essential kit can help to keep hair, makeup and skin in place and beat off those elements.

Estee Lauder, Double Wear foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear

The holy grail of coverage, once you have this on there’s no getting it off without some serious cleansing and makeup removal. This will endure the day and all it has to throw at you. A little bit of rain has no chance, this will stand by you through hail and shine.

Lee Stafford, Anti Humidity Spray

Lee-Stafford Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier keeps hair in place and fights off frizz when there’s moisture in the air. The added bonus is it also leaves hair shiny, soft and more manageable. It’s not dissimilar to the shine spray but stands by you when you don’t want your blow dry and straightening efforts to be scuppered by the time you get to work to start the day.

Kerstase, Reflection Chroma Rich


Cold air outside and continuous heat inside can lead to some serious dehydration for your locks. Regular hair treatments are the way forward to replenish lost moisture. My favourite to give hair a big drink is Kerstase, Reflection Chroma Rich. This feels great and rich and smells awesome. It’s quite low maintenance as even if left on for just the duration of a shower this will make a difference on your hair. It leaves mine smoother and softer with a better appearance when styled. You can see our fab five hair treatments here for more inspiration.

Simple, Replenishing Rich Moisturiser


Like hair, skin too is battling with cold and wind which can cause tight, dry skin and suck all the moisture out of our skin. Regular moisturiser is key, this one sits happily and nicely under makeup and is absorbed quickly by skin so you can use morning, noon and night.

Boots, Skin Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

Skin Clear Sheets

Whilst dry skin sufferers need to hydrate more those with oilier skin can have a different battle on their hands as the heating is cranked up. Warmth can mean more sebum is secreted onto the skin. Heavier duty foundation like Double Wear should help to hold off the effects but if by noon you are concerned about shine, carry some Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets to gently dab and restore your makeup.

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