Fab Five Highlighting Drops

I am currently in love with highlighting drops! You must have seen them by now plastered on every beauty bloggers arms, I am obsessed! At first there was only a small amount of companies selling them, but now competition is rife, so I narrowed down my fab five, go and check them out!

  • Iconic

For me Iconic was the first company that pushed the highlighting drops right under our noses so its hard to ignore. The highlighting potential of these drops are ridiculous with a range of shades. They can also be mixed in with foundation to give full on glow power!


  • Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops

Barry M quickly jumped on the crazy and came out with these High Beam drops, and with the usual and reliable price tag. Beautiful shine and glow ready for that night out with the girls.


  • Gosh Lumi Drops

Gosh is quickly becoming a favourite of mine, and although not been advertised as much I feel, it also has a version of the highlighting drops. Busting with liquid shine that can glide onto the skin giving a perfect glow.


  • W7 Beam Me Up!

Up come W7 with the Beam Me Up! Drops in three different shades. Beautiful highlights from golden to pearly to accent your beautiful bone structure. (Pssst! These are cruelty free too!)


  • Body Shop Drops of Glow

Surprised!! Yep the Body Shop also has its own version in Drops of Glow Lustre Finish Creator. Wonderfully silky drops you can use anywhere, try mixing with your day cream to create a dewy make up free look.


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