The leaves are turning brown and falling, nights are darker, and we are all over the knitwear, it must be Autumn! What is more exciting about this season, that Starbucks have Pumpkin Spiced Lattes once more or that we get to dress up for one of the best holidays, Halloween!

Halloween is the one time we can get out all that crazy make up we were all afraid to use in everyday life and create some cool looks, as we are all practically make up artists now thanks to the likes of YouTube!

However if you are looking for some essentials to get you in the spirit we know just the things!

  • Bobbi Brown Satin & Caviar & Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

No Halloween costume would be complete without a smoky eye. This stunning palette from Bobbi Brown is the Satin & Caviar & Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner; it has two darker shades perfect to create Smokey eyes and to create shadowing on the face for costume make up. With that a lighter shade to accent the high arch of the brow and bone structures. Plus the eyeliner gel with fine liner brush, not only for the eyes but can be used as stencil for the face for creepy Halloween effects.

Eye Palettes and Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (2)

  • NYX Face & Body Glitter

Any excuse for glitter in my opinion, and what better time to go nuts than Halloween. Its almost essential to make your spooky make up pop and accent areas to give the makeup depth, and of course look pretty. NYX have this gorgeous collection of face and body glitters in all colours which are super easy to apply and last the night!

  • Paperself Eyelashes

Of course there are many false lashes to choose from and we do want to glamourize our look. There are lashes but then there are Paperself Paper Lashes, these make an incredible feature of the eyes with all kinds of designs to fit in with Halloween, with these alone you wouldn’t need to make much effort as they can be a feature on it own. You can source these beauties on the website or in Superdrug stores.


  • Lullabellz Space Bunches

I love the bunches look for all occasions, but if you need a little boost for fuller bunches get onto Lullabellz for the Space Buns Twin Pack, available in a range of shades and available online. Hair nailed!!


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