Fab Five Hand Creams

Winter is coming and it’s not just our faces that need more conditioning in cooler temperatures. Hands can also get chapped, tight and dry so need extra care. I’ve already started working through some of my favourite hand creams at a faster pace. Here’s my fab fives:

  1. Atrixo, Enriched Moisturising Hand Cream

Sometimes the originals are the best. This is not all singing dancing, scenting, packaging but it is a saviour if you have seriously dry skin that is hard to budge. Rich in texture and sure to banish the irritation pretty swiftly if you use consistently in a short space of time. Just one of those staples that every gor shoud have in their bathroom cupboard.


  1. Vaseline, Hands and Nails Hand Lotion

This on the other hand is pretty in pink and smells like roses! It’s a more lightweight cream and better for everyday use than when you have really dry skin on your hands. If you just want to keep your softness in tip top condition this is an excellent choice.


  1. Durance, Hand Cream with Verbena Essential Oil

I found this beautiful brand at the House & Garden Festival. It’s less mainstream and more obscure but smells amazing! So fresh – floral and citrusy and leaves hands super soft.

Durance final

  1. Body Shop, Hemp Hand Protector

This infamous bestseller hand cream from the Body Shop offers heavy duty hydration, Community Trade hemp seed oil. Relieves dry skin and protects against more damage. Not my favourite smell but seriously conditions.


  1. Neutrogena, Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream

A nourishing formula that hydrates and protects, enriched with 40% Glycerin, the concentrated hand cream effectively relieves skin dryness to leave hands feeling soft and supple. Leaves skin nourished, moisturised and healthy. The concentrated formulation means only a dab is needed for ultimate hydration.


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