Eco Warriors

Loving ourselves, the plant, every living thing is now big business, and too right too. We have become more and more aware of how what we do effects the plant, so for those little Eco worriers out there we got your backs!

Companies all over are realising that looking after our environment is really important to us and are satisfying our beauty needs with this in mind. In the name of research of course I have hunted down some great Eco buys to top up your collection.

  • EcoTools

This is probably not a stranger to us EcoTools have been on our shelves a while now, so what’s so special. EcoTools are cruelty free and vegan approved by none other than PETA. The products are made from recycled materials. The packaging is TREE FREE, in fact its made out of cotton and bamboo fibers, and the handles are also made out of bamboo. Why is bamboo better than trees? Its one of the fastest growing plants so can be replaced very quickly in comparison to trees. So with all this aside is there any compromise? No! These are some of the best brushes I’ve tried, super soft on the skin allowing flawless makeup application and the brushes don’t loose the bristles, so fantastic quality which are sure to last.

  • Dr Organic

It was a joy to have tried the Dr Organic haircare range, which was beautiful to use. As the name suggests it uses certified and accredited organic ingredients, when an ingredient can no longer be used Dr Organic looks to use a sustainable natural alternative, to take care of the environment. As well as natural bioactive ingredients there are no harsh chemicals, not tested on animals, no petro-chemicals, no GM ingredients or preservatives. The result fabulous hair care, good for you and good for the environment.

  • PHB Ethical Beauty

This maybe a lesser known brand to some of you, but if you are looking for eco-friendly products this is where you should turn. Discovered by myself when I had been sent the mascara, PHB Ethical Beauty is a British brand, selling handmade products which are completely cruelty free, vegan, palm oil free, using natural and organic ingredients which all are ethically sourced, not to mention the charities the company commits to. The website has a full range of products to suit your needs, as mentioned I have the mascara and I love it, it competes with any other high end brand I have tried.

Black Mascara Web RGB

  • Beauty without the cruelty

Pretty much does what it says on the tin, but of course Eco-friendly doesn’t just mean not testing on animals, which these products do not, it is also suitable for vegans/vegetarians, it also is environmentally aware by using recycled materials in the products and look to cut its footprint wherever it can.


  • Human Kind

I really love this brand; they have a section of really gorgeous products for the body. Human Kind has a mission to provide skincare products that are environmentally and socially responsible. Started with a Family Remedy Cream and has grown to have a range of face, body and hair care, leaving out parabens and other petrochemicals which are harsh on us and the environment plus of course not tested on animals.


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