Review L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Lip Paint

Matte lipstick paint seems to be taking off, more and more of my go to brands seem to now offer this formula. I must admit, I don’t have a lot of products by L’Oréal but when I seen this particular shade of red I was really keen to try it!

So what does it do? L’Oréal’s new and first liquid matte lip paint creates bold matte lip colour with concentrated pigments lasting up to 8 hours. The range is available in nine  shades from pillar box red and dusty nude to electric purple and killer coral. All this without the niggles matte lips are known for flaking, caking and drying out lips.

Sounds good so far, the slanted teardrop shaped brush is said to allow for precise application for a flawless matte pout.There’s even some tips offer via the stockist Boots website on applying the lipstick:

Application tips:

1. For the most smooth finish, exfoliate your lips before applying 2. Use the point of the applicator to carefully outline your cupids bow 3. Fill your lips with colour, starting from the centre and blending outwards Makeup Designer tip: For the most flawless look, finally trace around the outside of your lip shape with Lumi Magique concealer.

This was my first dabble with matt lip paint but what first attracted me to this product was its colour. I was looking for a more subtle red that could be worn daytime. Shade Apocalypse Red from this range looked perfect. It’s a duller more auburn red but still bold in colour. I love the shade, it has all the qualities of red lips, maximises your pout and makes lips the focal point of your makeup. I found this is a great shade that you could get away with for a glamorous day look for more lip impact. I find that some more orangey shades of red that bring out yellow in teeth, this more deep less bright shade makes them look more white and suited my paler complexion better. Usually I need fake tan to pull off a red lip, this could work without.

Despite intentions, I found applying with the slanted brush a little messier than a standard lipstick tube. However the concealer tip above, will help you sort any smudges if you go outside lines. The texture though feels amazing when freshly applied, so creamy smooth, lovely and rich on the lips. You could be fooled into thinking you’d applied some awesome lip balm to moisturise.

The only niggle was that post lip paint my lips did feel a little drier but I’d be happy to moisturise and lip balm after wearing this and that is much outweighed by everything else. Eight hours was also a bit ambitious, it depnds what you are doing, eating and drinking you’d require a freshen up much sooner. I found in the daytime, I would reapply roughly after three/four hours and still looked pretty good. Niggles aside, I would still highly recommend, especially as this was just £6.99 and as I said, I loved this shade.

4 out of 5




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