Saaf Pure Organic Super Hydrating Body Balm Review

Our skin is an essential part of us, and yet it is exposed to harsh treatment, conditions, weather, toxins, and it’s no wonder we can be left with tight and dry skin that looks unhealthy.

I have been lucky enough to discover a luxurious body balm that can help with our skin woes.

This is not to be taken lightly a formula that can soothe and treat dry skin and give it the TLC it really deserves. Tried and tested by myself!

So what is Saaf? Sadly until now it had been left undiscovered by myself, meaning Pure in Persian, it is the creation bred from the realisation of the lack of pure and organic skincare products available. The Saaf creator found it essential to use as pure products as possible on their skin as well as the skin of their children.

Containing Sesame Oil for moisture and nourishment, Black Carraway Seed Oil to help reverse effects of sun damage, essential oils including Ylang Ylang which gives this balm its delicious fragrance plus so much more. This body balm is also Cruelty Free and approved by the Vegetarian Society! Excellent news!

Ok enough with all that, what do we think?! Well what can I say, I’m not sure I’ve used a similar product that has nourished my skin as well as the Saaf Hydrating Body Balm. This is pure luxury in a jar. The formula is very rich and in my opinion best used in the evening so it can soak into the skin overnight. It genuinely soothes and deeply moisturises my skin, and when my skin has been feeling tight and dry during the change in seasons this has instantly calmed any tightness and dry feelings leaving my skin velvety. Also any itching after shaving has been helped by this balm, it has been fantastic. I’m quite sad I have used so much of the product already as I don’t want to be without it, so I shall be visiting the website quite soon.

You can type Saaf Skincare in a search engine to find the website, you can also find Saaf products in some Holland & Barratt stores or independent health shops. Retailing at £24.99 I would say it’s very much worth it.

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